Armed with New Software, Omicron Prepares for Licensing Binge

16 August 1999
With gateways, portals, front doors, backdoors, side doors and trapdoors popping up like weeds, online gambling's presence on the Net has risen to well over 500 domains (and that's a conservative estimate). A rising mass of partnerships, affiliations, affiliated partnerships, licensees, sub-licensees, sub-sub licensees and co-licensees could push that number to around 12 zillion by the end of the year. If you're keeping score, factor Omicron Technologies into the equation and tack on 50 more to the bulging list.

A few months after getting a taste for the industry via a licensing deal with Starnet, the Miami-based technology company has struck a software deal with a Korean company called Fairwind Technologies Ltd. Fairwind's "Next Generation" software package comes with multi-player games and a nifty interface that allows players to choose from several characters with varying facial expressions to represent them. It's a full-meal deal equipped with public and private chat modes and private rooms where players can schedule games against each other.

The two companies have signed a letter of intent, with a final agreement expected to be completed within the next few months.

Live beta testing of the customized interactive casino software is tentatively scheduled to commence by the first of November.

Once they're ready to roll out the real deal, Omicron will let the sublicensing process begin. The company expects to sublicense over 50 Internet casinos within the next six months, and projects revenues from sub-licensees to exceed $30 million per year.

The company also expects its ten theme-based casinos developed by Starnet to generate an additional $24 million per year. The first of the ten will be Lucky Eight Casino (

Meanwhile, the company will continue to develop its MaXuM Bingo game and other new interactive gaming products.