ASA Bans Paddy Power Dwarf Ad

24 April 2008

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has reprimanded Paddy Power for a print ad in the Times that violates the new advertising code for gambling services.

The ad shows a midget with two beautiful women in a limousine smoking a cigar and holding a glass of champagne. The strapline says: "Who says you can't make money being short?"

A provision of the advertising code for gambling states: "Marketing communications should not suggest that gambling can enhance personal qualities or is a way to gain control, superiority, recognition or admiration."

"We concluded the ad suggested this man's 'shortcoming' had been overcome by the wealth he had acquired through gambling and therefore that the ad implied gambling was a way to improve self-esteem or gain recognition or admiration," the ASA ruled. "We concluded the ad was irresponsible."

The advertisement has been banned, but no fines were issued.