ASA Says Promotional Offer Breached Codes

15 October 2008

The United Kingdom Advertising Standards Authority, or ASA, released an adjudication today covering two complaints filed in regards to a marketing campaign.

Owned by Sportingbet, BetUK used an e-mail to promote an offer for £25 match bonuses. Two players filed an issue with ASA stating that the e-mail was misleading and claimed the company refused to grant bonuses after the players spent money to qualify because they were professional gamblers.

According to the adjudication, Sportingbet’s marketing service, Europa Point Marketing 1, said those who were denied bonuses either did not meet requirements in the terms and conditions or were noted by Sportingbet as professional gamblers or tipsters.

ASA investigated the matter, and decreed that “the e-mail breached CAP Code clauses 7.1 (Truthfulness), 27.4 (Sales promotion rules), 31.1 (Sales promotions - Administration) and 43.2a (Database practice).” It then welcomed the marketing service to give assurance that promotions would not be sent to ineligible individuals.