ATE Tackles Multi-Platform Gaming

22 June 2006

Trade show production company Clarion Events/ATE will hold a two-day conference next week dedicated to the topic of multi-platform gaming. Taking place July 4-5, MPG 2006 will feature more than 20 speakers sharing insight into how gambling companies can best take advantage of the remote delivery channels of Internet, interactive television and mobile phone.

Included on the MPG 2006 agenda is a session devoted to "Developing a profitable mobile strategy to enhance your multi-platform offering". Richard Swann of Victor Chandler, Charlie Palmer of Mfuse, and Simon Swanson of Wild Jack Casino will be on hand to discuss how mobile gaming differs from other platforms in the development and execution of products, how mobile gaming capabilities can be enhanced, how mobile player usage can be analyzed, and what sorts of new products can be effectively launched on the mobile platform.

A session devoted to exploring interactive television gambling in a similar in-depth fashion is also part of the program. Titled "The Red Button: What opportunities does iTV provide you," talk will explore why iTV has been available for several years yet iTV gambling still hasn't quite taken off as well as what it would take for a company to truly capitalize on iTV gambling. Presenters include Jim Sibcy of Poker Zone, Paul Ranger of NDS, and Jason Chess of law firm Wiggin.

Ed Barton of media research firm Screen Digest will explore some of the many new distribution channels such as PSP and in-flight gambling in a session titled "Emerging platforms: Distribution of gaming titles onto next generation platforms", and professional gambler Ashley Revell will enlighten attendees with the preferences of the market in a session titled "User experience: What do customers really want?" Revell will share the podium with Catriona Campbell of Foviance, who will present case studies on consumer experience studies for clients such as Camelot, Ladbrokes, Victor Chandler, William Hill, Betfair and PartyGaming.

In all the conference will feature more than 20 experts in their fields discussing additional topics such as "What is the impact of regulations on emerging technologies?", "Creating successful peer-to-peer gaming environments", "Practical case study on exploiting the mobile revolution", "Developing winning collaborations and partnerships", "Server based gaming: Looking forwards to a new era of technology for greater revenue generation," "The Far East: How does the gaming model differ and what can you learn?", and "How will convergence come of age?"