Atlantic International's ICE Announces Three Licensees

19 January 1999

Atlantic International Entertainment, Ltd., announced the installation of the new Version 2.1 of ICE(TM), Interactive Casino Extension(TM) in three new casinos, Emerald Palms Casino, PitBoss Casino, and Ocean Casino. Based on Atlantic's new pricing structure, these three casinos total $450,000 in first year sales. Reoccurring revenue is anticipated to exceed $500,000 per year.

Version 2.1 of the Interactive Casino Extension includes three new games: Keno, SicBo and Baccarat. It also includes a new download feature that allows players to either play directly over the Internet or download the game graphics onto their hard drive, with an icon on their desktop for faster access to the Casino. Another enhancement is that the player may play games over the Internet while the download is taking place.

Version 2.1 now supports agents at both the sign-up and report levels. Reports can be run by individual agent or as a summary of all agents. This enables the Casino owner to better track where their client base is coming from.

Additionally, enhancements have been made to video poker which allow the winning combination to light up. Roulette now has a marker to show the winning number, and slots has been simplified to a single movie with dynamic graphics. Version 2.1 comes with worldwide Service and Support available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.