Australian Internet Operator to Offer Fool-proof Gaming

15 March 1999
An independent testing agency has been appointed by the Tasmanian Gaming Commission (TGC) to conduct extensive tests on Tasmania's licensed internet betting operator. It is believed that these stringent measures and checks are one of the first moves by a licensed operator with government approval in a first-world country to establish a credible operator and player protective Internet betting system.

"This represents a key milestone for us to ensure that our government-approved site, players, and ourselves as the operator, manage a safe and secure operation," said John Farrell, the special projects manager from the Federal Group.

The Australian National Hotels, a subsidiary of Federal Group, is the holder of a casino license in Tasmania. The Internet betting operation will be conducted under an extension of the license.

"We also believe that our new site will offer a competitive and attractive gaming site, complete with the latest games for both expert and novice players," Farrell said. "More importantly, we will retain an archived audit trail of all play sessions in the event of player disputes, restrict under-age and problem gambling, and pay players promptly with the relevant taxation returned to government."

Bellamy Miller and Monypenny (BMM), based in Victoria, developed the technical standards for the state of Tasmania in 1998. Following a lengthy tender process, BMM was appointed by the TGC as the independent testing organization to conduct thorough workability, compliance, resilience and auditing of proposed systems for the Federal Group's Internet gaming sites.

"We are pleased to be involved with the Federal Group through the Tasmanian Gaming Commission Managing Director of BMM Managing Director Hugh Monypenny said. "As the leading leisure supplier in the state of Tasmania, the Federal Group appear to be leading the way in terms of thorough Internet gaming controls. We look forward to testing their Internet gaming systems, and to being able to report to the Tasmanian Gaming Commission that they fully comply with the stringent standards it has adopted."