Austria Moves to Ban Spam

20 July 1999
According to an IDG News Service report, the Austrian Parliament voted unanimously on July 15 to outlaw unsolicited junk email (spam) by adding a provision to the country's telecommunication laws.

The ban criminalizes spam distribution under all conditions unless permission is granted by intended recipients. Violators will be fined.

EuroISPA, an association of ISPs from 10 European countries, support the ban. IDG reported, "Among European countries, Austria, Germany, and Holland have reputations for being tough on spam, according to Joe McNamee of EuroISPA. 'Spam doesn't make people feel comfortable about the brave new online world,' McNamee says."

Conversely, the European Parliament decided in May not to ban spam. It instead supports email opt-out schemes for email users.

A revised draft of anti-spam legislation will be submitted by the European Commission within the next two weeks.