Available in October: The River City Gambler Monitor

14 August 2001
A number of research firms have conducted studies in the last year or two on the habits of Internet gamblers and all of them have reached the same conclusion: A very small percentage of Internet users gambles online. The remaining majority continues to stay away because of concerns with which most I-gaming professionals are familiar.

This information is important, but how useful is it to your business planning?

Now imagine research that not only looks at online gamblers' current behavior, but also at how to change that behavior and bring more players to your site. Imagine consumer research that doesn't merely catalogue consumer resistances to wagering online, but uncovers the concrete steps needed to overcome them.

Such research would serve as a truly unique and invaluable business tool, which is precisely why we've designed and conducted the River City Gambler Monitor, a soon-to-be-released report delivering the results of proactive and solution-based online gambler research.

The Monitor, a joint effort between The River City Group and market research firm Reymer & Associates, reveals what will drive online users to gambling sites and keep them coming back. Descriptions of site components and marketing approaches were presented to over 2,300 gamblers who use the Internet. They indicated how much each element motivates them to play at pay sites. We evaluated both current and new possibilities including various types of games and betting, incentive and marketing programs, ways of dealing with security and financial concerns, customer service options and many other options.

As a result, you'll find that the River City Gambler Monitor will fast become a powerful, indispensable and much-used resource for all of your business' strategic and tactical planning.

The River City Gambling Monitor will begin shipping at the end of the month. For more details on this groundbreaking study, including pricing and information on ordering, check out the online brochure at www.rivercitygroup.com/brochure/gambler_monitor.