Ban the US Gambling Industry, Fix the Economy, Gambling Foe Says

24 September 2008

John Kindt, an Illinois University professor of business and legal policy, and long-time foe of gambling of all forms, has suggested that a blanket ban on gambling in the United States would solve the country's economic crisis, The Economic Times reports.

Mr. Kindt said that if the estimated $100 billion spent on gambling went instead into consumer spending it would generate more than $300 billion for the United States economy and create jobs.

Finally, he said a ban would save the country hundreds of billions in costs stemming from gambling addiction, bankruptcies and crime.

"Number 1, a ban would pump prime the economy," Kindt said. "Number 2, it would lower pressure on taxes because you wouldn't have as many new addicted gamblers, bankruptcies and crime. So you're eliminating substantial social costs, you're improving quality of life overall and as John F Kennedy said, 'a rising tide lifts all boats'."