Bede Gaming prepares for Responsible Gambling Week

2 November 2018
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Bede Gaming, the award-winning supplier of software to the online gaming industry, has launched its inaugural campaign of responsible gaming initiatives to coincide with Responsible Gambling Week, as it progresses towards its long-term goal of being the "safest place to play."
The weeklong internal campaign highlights the major issues, technology challenges and realities of problem gambling with the aim of educating its 177 strong staff as to how a responsible gaming company is more sustainable and successful.
With a strong focus on staff well-being, Bede has arranged a series of diverse initiatives and activities that it plans to continue to drive forward in the coming months and years.
As well as striving to develop its tools to the highest standard with an RG focus for player safety, the company is using this week to engage its staff with RG practices, to educate them on the risks of problem gambling and to encourage open discussion around the issues.
Bede’s Responsible Gaming Week highlights include:
  • A series of staff awareness initiatives encouraging every technical and non-technical employee to examine how Bede can improve RG methods, and enhance its own RG technology tools.
  • The integration of staff RG policies within the Bede Gaming employee handbook ensuring Bede is taking every step possible to look after the mental health and welfare of its staff.
  • A seminar delivered by a reformed problem gambler to highlight the risks and to educate staff on spotting problem gambling behaviors.
Alex Butcher, CEO, Bede Gaming, said, “RG Week is just the beginning of our journey to becoming a more responsible member of the gaming industry and practicing what we preach. Raising awareness and discussing openly the issues involved, as well as engaging everyone to improve our responsible gaming tools and technologies, plays a crucial part in our long-term vision of being the safest place to play. We have a responsibility to both the industry and our staff to keep gambling safe and fun.”
Patrick Foster, Epic Risk Management, who is speaking to Bede employees this week, said, “It's great to see Bede Gaming embracing RG week and taking the necessary steps on their journey to achieving their vision of being the safest place to play.
“If my story can help them achieve this through educating their staff and customers it can only be a good thing. At Epic Risk Management, we have all had problems with gambling and are now putting our experiences into helping the industry become more empowered and positive towards safer gambling practices.
“We want the industry to be fun, not destructive, and we're starting to see a shift in attitudes towards more responsible gambling. The more companies like Bede, that can get on board with better practices and policies, the more successful and enjoyable the industry will be.”