Bet 3000 launches affiliate program

21 June 2010
MONTREAL, Quebec -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Premier sportsbook and casino operator, Bet 3000 is pleased to announce the launch of its new affiliate programme using a white label version of the Income Access affiliate marketing software solution. Bet 3000 specialises in providing a complete live market package covering various sports, and a state-of-the-art Casino with a multitude of different Casino online games, which are now all seamlessly integrated with one convenient affiliate login. "We have set some very clear goals for our affiliate programme, and are thrilled to find a solution that meets our very specialised requirements," said Simon Springer from Bet 3000. "Once we got a demo of the Income Access software and saw the powerful functionality of the many different reporting and tracking features, we saw that we would be able to leverage the software to help us expand into the new directions that we had defined for our affiliate programme." Affiliates can earn generous revenue share commissions with all products, with a 35% flat cross-product structure. Bet 3000 is led by Simon Springer, a licensed bookmaker since 1976 and the market leader in the field of horse racing, who also manages one of the biggest land-based operations in Germany. Because the affiliate program is run using the Income Access affiliate marketing software, affiliates have access to the full range of advanced features, including advanced tracking and reporting capabilities and marketing tools, providing them with insight into the performance of their campaigns. "We're very excited about our partnership with Bet 3000," said Income Access CEO, Nicky Senyard. "The operator is backed by experience and reliability, and provides players with seamless play between its sportsbook and casino verticals. With the World Cup going on, now is the perfect time for affiliates to check out their leading programme."