Bet 4 Charity

12 July 2002

An innovative approach to online gaming commenced yesterday as Bet 4 Charity Casino, a wholly owned subsidiary of W.C. Enterprises, NV., announced its grand opening.

Bet 4 Charity, the self-proclaimed first online charitable casino, matches the amount of the top players' winnings each month and donates the proceeds to the charity of the player's choosing. This unique approach to the selection of charities and non-profit organizations promises to ensure that those in desperate need of funding will all have the same opportunity for financial aid.

"The Bet 4 Charity Casino also randomly selects one of the listed charities, or NPOs, each week to be the charity of the week," spokesperson David Hall explained. "Each organization chosen benefits by collecting a share of the casino's monthly net profits."

Along with providing its members with a vehicle for charitable giving, Bet 4 Charity Casino pays special attention to attracting and maintaining loyal players through VIP bonus programs and promotions, as well as 24/7 player support.

Located at, Bet 4 Charity Casino hosts instant play games (no download required) that are iMac and WebTV Plus friendly. The software, developed by FutureBet Systems Inc. (, features popular casino games as well as a full-service sports book.

Judging by the broad representation of charities that have already been listed during the "soft-launch" period, the casino expects the program to catch on. They hope to donate over half a million dollars to almost 90 different charities in their maiden year.