Bet & Chat(TM) Launched at London Gaming Show is Building Community

28 January 1999

PrincessNET Technologies and Software Ltd., a leading developer and licenser of on-line gaming technologies, launched Bet & Chat(TM) at the International Casino Exhibition at Earl's Court in London. Bet & Chat is the first in a series of interactive on-line games from PrincessNET, utilizing real-time messaging and advanced man machine interfaces (MMI) to provide community-building experiences on the Internet.

The Bet and Chat(TM) gaming system utilizes PrincessNET's Play-to-Win gaming infrastructure to combine gaming technologies with the challenges and mass interaction benefits of the Internet. PrincessNET unites the idea of the virtual community with the excitement of material gaming, using such value-added features as avatar player representation, specialized chat rooms, membership clubs and instant messaging. Bet & Chat offers players a variety of traditional casino games and settings in a format where players can interact with each other as well as with the dealer.

Adi Tarkay, PrincessNET Founder and Managing Partner told IGN, "Rather than recreate the traditional model of playing-to-win, PrincessNET is using the best in community-building and emerging Internet technologies to create the ultimate cyber-experience." Tarkay commented, "With Bet & Chat, PrincessNET opens a new chapter in gaming for both consumers and Internet entrepreneurs. For the growing number of consumers who see the Internet as a way of life, "play-to-win" games represent the next logical step after zipping off a series of e-mails or downloading the latest stock update from PrincessNET is catering to this emerging need for exciting entertainment venues by offering an authentic gaming environment that tests the true limits of cyberspace."

Bet and Chat's likes using a different business model than many of the other online gaming software suppliers in the industry. They intend to build the Bet and Chat brand and have developed a comprehensive Partner and Affiliate programs to provide exclusive franchising and business cooperation opportunities to interested 3rd parties. Licensers receive 24-hour customer support services and pit boss, access to a centralized payment system, professional account management and marketing assistance. They told IGN that they expect to develop partners to develop the site in various languages, catering to specific cultures.

PrincessNET Technologies and Software Ltd. is the developer and licenser of an integrated, multi-player gaming platform designed for the Internet. PrincessNET utilizes emerging Internet and community-building technologies, multilingual instant messaging and advanced man machine interfaces (MMI) to create Play-to-Win experiences for on-line communities. The company's first application is Bet & Chat(TM), which combines on-line "Play for Money" games with real-time chat.

Founded in 1998, PrincessNET is led by a management team of professionals from the software, gaming, on-line marketing and graphic design industries. The company is headquartered in Israel, and works with an exclusive worldwide network of franchisees. Its Internet gaming infrastructure is run from locations in Europe, North America and the Caribbean (Dominica).