BetEnt fined for aiming advertising at young adults

19 April 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- The Netherlands Gaming Authority (Ksa) has imposed a fine of 400,000 euros on gambling provider Betent. Betent received this fine because it targeted young adults (18-24 years) with advertising. That is forbidden.
The KSA started an investigation following a broadcast of the TV program Kassa, which showed that Betent sent advertising messages to users between the ages of 2021 and 2022 between October 18 and March 24. This is not allowed, because young adults are a vulnerable target group. The brains of young people are still developing. As a result, they are extra susceptible to a gambling addiction.
Between 8 October 2021 and 16 March 2022, Betent sent messages to its online gambling customer base on its own website These messages also went to young adults.
This fine follows previously issued fines in the context of the same investigation. Three gambling providers were fined by the KSA in the past six months for advertising aimed at young people. This is the fourth fine in the investigation.
René Jansen, chairman of the Ksa: 'The law prohibits gambling providers from targeting young adults with advertising. The Gaming Authority closely monitors this and, with these four sanctions, once again underlines the importance of gambling providers respecting the rules intended to protect vulnerable target groups.'