BetGames launches exclusive game show Crypta of Giza

1 August 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Live dealer and betting games studio BetGames launched Crypt of Giza, the world’s first pachinko gameshow.
Featuring a lavish Egyptian theme, the live pachinko-style game consists of 15 numbered pockets, with the objective being to correctly predict which pocket the ball will fall into with an additional three bonus rounds that boost multipliers up to 10,000x.
If the winning number features a bonus icon, the session continues with a bonus game, with pyramid symbols launching Gift from the Gods, chests initiating Valley of the Cobra and pharaohs placing players in front of the Wall of Mystery.
Fronted by adventurer presenters, Crypt of Giza gives the game show sector a taste of one of the industry’s most popular themes, while the straightforward gameplay is fast-paced and engaging.
The continued collaboration between BetGames and Europe’s leading operators will see yet another exciting and fast-paced live game show, delivering a bespoke, one-of-a-kind studio experience.
“We are beyond excited to finally launch Crypt of Giza,” Andreas Koeberl, BetGames’ CEO. “Almost 18 months of creative, hard work went into the world’s first top-notch pachinko-style game show. While we see other suppliers experimenting with the format in a simulated manner, we are particularly proud to introduce the first physical pachinko live game show studio – a true engineering masterpiece. A phenomenal job by the entire team and our partners.”