BetGames.TV introduces Rock, Paper, Scissors

2 February 2021
(PRESS RELEASE) -- BetGames.TV, the leading live dealer betting games supplier, has launched a unique version of one of the most widely played social games ever, Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Thought to have been played by the Chinese Han Dynasty as far back as 206 BC, the game quickly became a common pastime across the world and arguably ranks as one of the most widely played games of all time.
This modern, live dealer take on the classic sees the player players compete against the dealer in one or two zones, silver, the less risky option, which is more rewarding in case of a tie and gold, riskier, yet more rewarding if won.
The dealer uses a special deck of 24 cards, comprising eight of each rock, paper and scissors symbols, with one card dealt into each zone.
Each betting round lasts 20 seconds in which the player must select their stake and which of either or both zones to bet against. A win, loss, or draw is decided after the dealer reveals their card.
Both zones have the same margin (default 5%) but the difference is in the payout’s distribution for draw and win. The payout system is configurable per partner and per zone.
Commenting on the launch, Vygerdas Jonikas, Founder and CPO at BetGames.TV said: “As part of our drive to provide innovative new games, it is also sometimes prudent to consider the classics and Rock Paper Scissors is most certainly that.
“Alongside our stable of popular games, Rock Paper Scissors is sure to fit in well with its quick-fire and simple yet alluring gameplay.
“We’re confident that our recreation of one of the most recognisable and loved games of all time will provide huge scope for our operators to drive traffic to their sites.”