BetRivers extends popular squares game to NBA contents

24 February 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- As the NBA emerges from its All-Star break and kicks into high gear, the BetRivers and PlaySugarHouse sportsbooks are introducing Basketball Squares. Due to the enormous popularity of the NFL Squares wagering feature with football bettors, Rush Street Interactive, Inc., is launching a new version of the squares game for NBA bettors.
It, like the NFL version, works this way:
  • The board contains 100 squares, each one representing a combination of final scores. A square contains two single-digit numbers. So, if a square shows a 2 on the bottom left and an 8 on the top right, it becomes a winner if the visiting team winds up with a points total ending in 2 and the home side closes with a points total ending in 8.

  • Wagers of $20 or more on any game with a Squares icon through the Rush Street Interactive platform rewards the bettor with a random standard square at no charge. Total wagers of at least $50 on the game results in a second standard square. A third standard square is obtained via total bets of $100 or more. Bettors are notified of which squares they get. Bettors can boost their squares for that game if their wagers include $20 or more in live bets on the game.

  • A winning standard square means $20 in bonus money for that bettor. The potential payout for winning boosted squares is worth certain designated amounts ranging from $25, $50, $100, $1,000 to $10,000 in bonus money, with the exact amount disclosed after the boosted square has won.
In-game wagering for the NBA is fashionable among bettors, and Basketball Squares is designed to further engage them.
"With the fast pace style of play and high scoring of NBA games this season, our Basketball Squares game will offer RSI's bettors a thrilling experience and exciting way to win more," said Richard Schwartz, CEO at RSI. "Compared to football, there are more lead changes and scoring swings in basketball, which will make watching fourth quarter action even more engaging for our bettors this season."
Players can visit or for additional details about Basketball Squares, including eligibility, participation and bonus money restrictions.