Betsson Reports Swedish Gambling Board for Discrimination

23 June 2008

Betsson, the gambling operator, has reported Sweden's National Gambling Board to the Ombudsmen of Justice, after the board threatened to fine Betsson over opening its new betting outlet in Stockholm.

The board, a governmental body charged with enforcing the country's Lottery Act, has argued Betsson's shop, which opened May 30, violates that very act.

It is unclear what action the Ombudsmen of Justice, a group elected by the Parliament to ensure government agencies comply with Sweden's laws, will take.

According to the ombudsmen's Web site, its recommendations are not legally binding.

"As the Ombudsmen's decisions are not legally binding but formally recommendations, they cannot be appealed against," the site reads. "Mostly the Ombudsmen find that there is nothing to criticise about the way a case has been dealt with."

The news came Monday in a prepared statement, in Swedish, from Betsson, which was later translated to English by The Local, a Swedish online daily.