Better Collective partners with Polish news portal Wirtualna Polska

9 February 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- With a vision to become the Leading Digital Sports Media Group, Better Collective signed a media partnership with the top-ranked polish news portal, Wirtualna Polska or, with more than 22 million monthly visitors. The partnership is co-branded with Better Collective’s Polish flagship sports media, which will be delivering sports betting content, data and statistics to the Polish media’s new sports and sports betting section.
“Better Collective has extensive experience in producing data, betting tips and sports content of high quality to inform sports fans at all levels of experience,” said Michal Kopec, Director Better Collective Northeast Europe. “We are excited to partner with Wirtualna Polska, so we together can provide the continuous depth and breadth of content that sports fans appreciate.”
Wirtualna Polska operates various specialized websites and e-commerce websites, and is also the largest Polish sports media provider with approximately 11.5 million monthly visitors. The agreement is for Better Collective to provide’s users with high quality sports content, betting odds, and analyses via its new sports and sports betting section.
The content will be delivered by Better Collective’s flagship sports media,, which is a popular Polish sports media, providing professional sports analysis and data while allowing fans to share, reviews and tips. The partnership is expected to launch by the end of March, and sport fans will be able to access the new content directly on
The last couple of years, Better Collective has been fine tuning its media partnership business, which has come to play a significant part in the Group’s performance. Among others, Better Collective is currently partnering with well-established and authoritative news media outlets like the Telegraph and New York Post.
“Wirtualna Polska was Poland’s first internet portal, and we have a large and loyal following,” said Lukasz Golabowski, Regional Manager Wirtualna Polska. “Daily, we prepare new content so our readers can access the latest information and stay up-to-date on trivia from the world of entertainment. Partnering with Better Collective means that we also will be able to provide timely and professional sports and sports betting content so Polish fans can always get the latest information about their favorite sport, team, or athlete.”