Better Collective weighs in on UK White Paper on gambling

27 April 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Today, 27 April, the U.K. Government published a “White Paper” as part of a Gambling Act review. Better Collective welcomes the long awaited proposed initiatives with a stronger focus on safer gambling. Given the already taken compliance measures from the sportsbooks, and Better Collective’s continued focus on safer gambling, the Group estimates the proposed measures to have zero to limited financial impact on the Group.

The UK Gambling act review

The U.K. gambling act review was initiated in 2020 and is said to be wide-ranging and evidence-led to strike the right balance between protecting the vulnerable, whilst not spoiling the enjoyment of those who enjoy betting as entertainment.

Better Collective welcomes the review and believes it provides an opportunity to drive further changes on safer gambling. This is fully aligned with Better Collective’s mission to make sports entertainment more engaging and fun while preventing problem gambling through the education of our users.

The impact on Better Collective will be zero to limited

The potential impact from the proposed regulatory changes mentioned in the White Paper will have zero to limited financial impact on Better Collective given the following reasons:

  • Since the review of the UK gambling act was initiated, UK sportsbooks have strengthened and implemented new compliance measures such as affordability checks, which impacted the Group’s sports win margin during that period. We have now seen a normalized sports win margin and do not expect for this to change given the proposed measures.

  • Better Collective has always had a core focus on safer gambling as shown in the below mentioned examples of RAiG and Mindway AI.
Financial targets remain unchanged
Better Collective’s financial targets for 2023 and 2027 remain unchanged. Better Collective will continue to monitor the global regulatory developments and potential changes in market dynamics, and will provide updates to any changes to future financial expectations.

Better Collective remains committed to safer gambling
In 2019, Better Collective entered into a partnership with its peers Spotlight Sports Group and Oddschecker to co-found the UK based trade association, Responsible Affiliates in Gambling (RAiG). Through RAiG, an independent body set up to help raise standards in the sector, we promote socially responsible marketing of gambling products and a safer gambling environment for users.

Mindway AI (part of the Better Collective Group) specializes in supporting the gambling industry with various safer gambling tools and solutions. This supports our ambition to make betting safer and provides the sportsbooks with a chance to take initiative in developing sustainable gaming through Mindway AI tools and software, already in use by Tier 1 sportsbooks in the UK market.