Better Collective’s co-founders receive lifetime achievement award

10 February 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Last night, the Better Collective Co-founders, Jesper Søaard (CEO) and Christian Kirk Rasmussen (COO) were awarded with the prestigious “Affiliate Idol - Lifetime Achievement Award” for their successful contributions to the industry.
This year’s iGB Awards took place last night where the Better Collective co-founders were awarded with the “Affiliate Idol - Lifetime Achievement Award.” The award is a testimony to the depth and breadth of the Better Collective business, which Jesper Søgaard and Christian Kirk Rasmussen co-founded back in 2002.
Commenting on why the two had been handpicked for the award - by the iGB Affiliate team - Stephen Carter from Clarion Gaming stated: “This is a story about two guys, one portal and big dreams […] For this year’s panel, there could only be two recipients of our Affiliate Idol Award, as we pay tribute to Jesper and Christian’s incredible 20-year growth journey […]. This [the acquisition of Betting Expert] was the first of a series of highly strategic and skillfully integrated acquisitions that transformed Better Collective into the powerhouse we see today.”
Better Collective has established itself as a leading pioneer within the industry, and the award pays tribute to the spectacular growth journey that Jesper and Christian have steered Better Collective through.
“I speak for Christian too, when I say that it is an incredibly humbling feeling to not only have been considered but chosen to receive the Affiliate Idol Award,” said Jesper Søgaard, Co-founder & CEO. “Christian and I may have laid the foundation for something great but without our dedicated colleagues, Better Collective would not be where it is today. I am very honored but also trust that with our vision to become the Leading Digital Sports Media Group, ‘the best has yet to come.’”