Betting from the Easy Chair

13 May 1998

ODS Entertainment, a Colorado company that provides home betting for residents in Kentucky, is planning to provide a 24-hour horse racing channel to Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ohio, Kentucky, Nevada and Oregon.

The Television Games Network will allow people to call in bets from their homes to a wagering hub via their telephone lines. Wagering will consist of aiming a remote control device at a TV cable box and punching in numbers much like a TV remote control. The 24-hour network will air several races an hour from noon to midnight. Broadcast features, handicapping tutorials, game shows and other programs will also be aired by the channel.

Bettors who use the current service bet about twice as much as they had previously and each bettor triggers an average of more than 200 transmissions a month, according to ODS. Those who feel that they're developing a gambling problem will be able to contact ODS Entertainment for help through either a button on the remote or a number on the TV screen.