Betting Inc. Distributes Pay Master Units in California

28 October 1998

LOS ANGELES -- Betting Inc. (OTC BB:BETT) is boldly attempting to bring the future of e-commerce to online gamblers by distributing free Pay Master units in public waiting rooms in Redondo Beach, California.

The units enable Internet gaming customers to open or to replenish their accounts by nonverbal credit-card cash advances or by ATM-card or smart-card, nonreversible cash payments. Additional cost savings to the Internet gaming operators are offered by the new player—sitting at a car wash or hair salon or hotel lobby—simply using the Pay Master alphanumeric key pad to input his/her name, address and other salient information needed by the Internet gaming companies.

Internet gaming customers can elect to send "card present" credit cards, which is a lower merchant charge rate to the gaming operators and which also offers the player the additional security of not sending his/her home address over the Internet and revealing where the player lives. The player will be charged a small fee per transaction for this service that will be electronically paid to Betting Inc.

The Pay Masters are initially being distributed for free at waiting room locations in Southern California as an electronic device that enables waiting room customers to self-service shop from printed catalogs. Gaming material will also be distributed at these same locations for self-service-Internet-gaming sign up or account replenishment.

Betting Inc. is offering Globallot Bingo information at its Pay Master locations, and is in discussions with sports book and other gaming operators.