Betting Inc. to Introduce Home Video Wagering Technology

24 August 1998

LOS ANGELES -- New technology that can bond two regular home phone lines for receiving or delivering a real-time high-quality video picture will be introduced by EZ Communications by this fall.

A simple kit consisting of a camera that sits on either a TV set or computer monitor combined with a special modem that combines two home phone lines into one line will now make possible mass market high-quality video telephones.

Consumers can purchase the video telephone kit—which will be available by this fall, for less than $700 each—and enjoy quality video streaming images of a friend or business associate calling from a distant location.

"The EZ Communications video telephone kit can now make a computer monitor or television screen into a home gaming club if one wishes to," said Tom Hughes, chairman and CEO of Betting Inc (OTC BB: BETT).

This will create the business of "PERFECT video Ante Up" where the consumers can use their home cash pay devices to send ATM card or stored-value smart-card payments to an "Ante up dealer" who is holding the bets of players gaming with each other anywhere in the world. The dealer will then electronically send the winnings to the winners' bank accounts.

Picture 40 players per round playing Bingo from 40 different homes, purchasing their Bingo cards via "Ante Up Gaming" and all connected through Betting Inc.

Betting Inc.'s "PERFECT" Bingo Gaming partner, Globalot Bingo, can run an unlimited number of 40-player games all at the same time owing to this new "Ante Up Video Gaming Inc." by EZ Communications and its EZ Comm. Video Telephone Kit.

ET&T will drive the incomig ATM card and stored-value smart-card real-time cash Bingo card purchases which will be bank-authorized and paid to the Ante Up Dealer, from Globalot Bingo, who hosts the game and services the players.

Globalot Bingo then will electronically send the winner's cash to the winner's bank account, and generate a receipt printed by the PERFECT equipment such as Pay Master or Slick (

The personal encrypted remote financial electronic card transaction (PERFECT) devices distributed by Betting Inc. and processed by ET&T, combined with the EZ Communications video phone, will generate substantial transaction revenues for the company with PERFECT Video Ante Up and other video telephone transactions such as home-to-doctor medical consultations, at-home viewing of symposiums and special education courses.

According to Jeff Lerner, president of EZ Communications, instant electronic fee collections and transaction revenues processed by ET&T and, in the case of PERFECT gaming, routed by Betting Inc., present a very attractive stimuli to develop new software and technology for even greater applications of the company's EZ Link Video phone system.

"Perfect" stands for Personal Encrypted Remote Financial Electronic Card Transactions.