Signs Deal with Bingo Marketing Specialist

19 April 1999
Competition continues to heat up the online bingo market. The latest move comes from the corner, where Ron R.C. Clayton, the man responsible for marketing the world's first televised bingo in 1994, has been hired.

During his one-year tenure marketing the program, based out of Europe, Clayton was responsible for all aspects of operations that included marketing, advertising, media buying and contract negotiating. He was successful in negotiating joint venture partnerships with Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Skoda Automobiles, Renault of Europe, JVC, Samsung and Sony.

Average tickets sold for the television Bingo program totaled 1.2 million tickets per week. During the first year of operations, revenues totaled U.S. $60 million. The weekly "viewer-ship" ratings averaged a total of 37 percent of the country's entire population, representing 3.7 million people. (As a measurement, the program consistently achieved viewer ratings higher than the last episode of "MASH", the most watched television episode in the history of American television). The results were achieved in an area of the world where Clayton did not even speak the language of the country.

Clayton brings an extensive marketing track record in positioning and launching products and services into the International market place. His innovative, creative and original style of marketing has been recognized internationally with numerous awards and accolades. His ability to communicate to any audience with emotion, humor and intelligence comes from his simple understanding of the three main personality types: kinesthetic, auditory, visual and their sub-modalities thereof. This awareness has proven to be extremely effective in capturing larger audiences and market shares. Clayton's unique insight into cultural influences and his ability to recognize trends that effect consumer responses, choices and perceptions, will all result in a competitive advantage for will provide Internet users with a destination point or portal site that will be easily recognized as an informative home page. The site will be set up as an information center with free e-mail, free web pages, free news, free music, chat rooms, sports, entertainment and lifestyle information in a fun and exciting environment. The site will offer free downloads, free information and free "hot links" with a wide variety of prizes and promotional partnerships, creating a communicative infrastructure of international chat, e-commerce, entertainment and excitement.

Through an extensive array of media partnerships, once every 24 hours, a surprise jackpot bingo will be announced with a 30-minute countdown notice.

The destination site will be launched in conjunction with an international media campaign as the world's first free bingo-based e-mail/web page community.