BlueRibbon has launched to the market

2 July 2018
(PRESS RELEASE) -- BlueRibbon, the innovative marketing platform that allows operators to unleash the full potential of jackpots, has launched to the market today.
BlueRibbon was founded by former Playtech executives and industry veterans Amir Askarov and Dan Fischer, who through experience in both the B2B and B2C sectors understand the challenge faced by operators when it comes to standing out from the crowd and delivering a unique player experience.
The BlueRibbon platform allows operators to create, customize and control bespoke jackpots that are tailored to their business needs and that cater to all player segments and preferences.
This allows them to deliver unique jackpots and rewards for the first time ever, taking player engagement and satisfaction to the next level.
The platform is agnostic to any game or vertical, which means every bet or action on any product gives players a real chance of winning a jackpot prize.
Operators will also be able to leverage the platform’s unique data insights and powerful back office to build an engaging and rewarding experience for all types of player.
Amir Askarov, co-founder and CEO of BlueRibbon, said, “In today’s regulatory landscape, iGaming operators struggle to differentiate using the traditional marketing tools.
“By using the BlueRibbon platform, we believe operators can finally build a real point of difference with a powerful marketing tool that they can fully control and manage based on real business insights and that can be offered in verticals where jackpots were never used before.”