Bona Fides Affiliates introduces new exclusive offer

1 June 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Bona Fides Affiliates Network, a leading blockchain-backed affiliate marketing network, is thrilled to announce the launch of Weiss, an exciting addition to its roster of exclusive offers. The launch is scheduled to take effect from 1 June, promising an innovative and rewarding experience for both affiliates and players.
Weiss is a Web 3.0 product that combines a classic bonus program with an innovative loyalty system, introducing its own crypto token, WEFT token. This unique offering opens up new avenues for players to not only enjoy their gaming experience but also earn rewards while doing so. With the Weiss loyalty system, players can explore 30 progressive levels of engagement, making their journey even more enticing and rewarding.
Bona Fides Affiliates Network takes pride in partnering with Weiss, recognizing its potential to revolutionize the iGaming industry. By integrating a crypto token and a loyalty system, Weiss offers players an opportunity to delve into a comprehensive ecosystem that goes beyond conventional gaming experiences. This synergy between traditional bonuses and an innovative loyalty program brings forth a compelling value proposition for players seeking both entertainment and earning potential.
Weiss Loyalty Program
WEFT Tokens - the real cryptocurrency that is listed among featured exchanges.
WEFT Token widget - the tokenized loyalty program which allows clients to receive an additional guaranteed reward by staking tokens in the "Hold to Earn" program and permanently receiving tokens from each bet by "the "Play to Earn"rakeback program.
WEFT Tokens could be purchased by FIAT or exchanged for FIAT money at any time right in the casino account. Plus, 500 WEFT Tokens are available upon registration. There are no limitations and it’s wager-free.
Weiss USPs will include - quick withdrawals with no limits, wager-free daily and weekly cashback, 2900+ games, tokenized RakeBack and staking, and 20+ cryptocurrencies for depositing funds.
With the launch of Weiss, Bona Fides Affiliates Network aims to provide affiliates with a unique opportunity to promote an enticing offer that aligns with the evolving demands of players in the digital age. Affiliates will have the chance to tap into a new audience and benefit from the growing interest in blockchain-backed gaming experiences.
Bona Fides Affiliates Network invites affiliates to seize this opportunity and join the exclusive Weiss offer, taking advantage of the innovative features and earning potential it offers. Affiliates can expect seamless integration, real-time insights, and dedicated support to maximize their earnings and capitalize on the exciting prospects Weiss brings to the table.
For more information about Bona Fides Affiliates Network and the exclusive Weiss offer,
please visit the Bona Fides Affiliates Network website.