Boom Entertainment acquires NBC Sports Predictor

31 August 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- The fastest growing new daily fantasy sports product will now be added to one of the most popular free-to-play sports prediction apps in the country, Boom Entertainment announced today.
The NY-based sports and gaming company has finalized an agreement with Comcast to acquire NBC Sports Predictor, a gaming app that has welcomed nearly two million Americans who have submitted tens of millions of predictions over the past four years. Boom Entertainment had been NBC Sports’ development and operating partner of the product since its launch.
“NBC Sports Predictor has been a significant part of Boom’s story since its launch,” said Stephen A. Murphy, co-founder and CEO of Boom Entertainment. “This was the first product we built that attracted millions of sports fans, and we are honored to become stewards of the product and introduce new ways to play for sports fans."
”Over the last several years, NBC Sports Predictor had been a key asset for NBC Sports as it utilized the product to increase audience engagement. NBC Sports and Boom Entertainment will continue to look for ways to collaborate in future gaming initiatives."
The product, which will be re-branded Predictor, will continue to offer its popular free contests across multiple sports. Several new game formats will also debut this fall.
“We are launching our first of several interactive game shows on the platform, starting with Coin Flip Live – a free game where viewers can win money just by guessing heads or tails,” said Murphy. “And we’re integrating our award-winning real-money fantasy sports platform, Boom Fantasy, into the product so that fans can play for higher stakes in applicable states."
"NBC Sports Predictor was named ‘Best New Game' by the eGaming Review North America Awards in 2020. Boom Entertainment has been honored with several EGR awards, including Best Fantasy Sports Operator, Best Freeplay Gaming Supplier, and Employer of the Year."