BoS Indictment Amended

3 July 2007

Defendants in the BetonSports (BoS) case were ordered to re-enter their pleas today in a federal court in St. Louis due to a few adjustments in the indictment. A new defendant has been added; all other changes were cosmetic.

The government on Thursday filed a superseding indictment, which, in lay terms, means it made some changes to the original indictment. For the most part the changes were cosmetic (typos and corrections to statutory references).

There was one major modification, however: the addition of defendant Penelope Ann Tucker, who worked for BoS at the time Gary Kaplan ran the company.

Tucker was arrested on Monday in Florida, I-Gaming News has learned from an unnamed source.

Jeffrey Demerath appeared for BetonSports, which has already pleaded guilty to federal racketeering charges and is cooperating with the government. Because of this, Demerath waived his client's right to file any additional motions.

Ex-BoS CEO David Carruthers and founder Gary Kaplan were also present, and each re-entered not guilty pleas. Kaplan remains in county jail and was recently denied a petition for release to house arrest, while Carruthers remains under house arrest.

All pretrial motions, aside from those of Kaplan, Tucker and BoS cofounder Norman Steinberg, have been filed. The trial is not expected to begin, however, until next year.