BoS Responds to Rumors

28 August 2006

With rumors related to the demise of BoS spreading rampantly, the company is making small attempts to put out the fires. An anonymous source with BetonSports (BoS) on Thursday released a statement responding to allegations that the company is not making itself accessible to account holders, that it is not paying money owed to its staff and that it has left its detained former CEO, David Carruthers, out to dry.

In a statement leaked to a handful of media outlets, the spokesperson said:

Problems with telephone access to [BetonSports] were created, as its providers are no longer providing services based on the TRO issues. [BoS] is not avoiding customers and has put an e-mail address on the Web site and will provide new telephone numbers as soon as they can find a stable provider.

Liquidations are being paid and ex-staff have been informed that this process will take up to 90 days as we are working with skeleton staff.

The money for ex-CEO David Carruthers' bail is not being provided by BoS but by friends and individuals.

Carruthers is still being paid until settlement is reached.

The company has made bits of information available throughout its battle with the U.S. government (erupting in July with the arrests of Carruthers and several others involved with the company), but has said very little through public statements.

One development that the company has not commented on is the prospect of Carruthers entering a guilty plea. It has been suggested that a plea is likely, however, IGN has not seen any indication that the option is being considered.