Breaking News in US and Australia

12 March 2001
IGN has just learned that the Australian federal government has gained ammunition in its efforts to ban Internet gambling. In addition, another Internet gambling prohibition bill has been introduced in California.

Last year, Australia's federal government commissioned a study into the feasibility and consequences of a ban on interactive gambling. A draft report of the study, conducted by the National Office for the Information Economy, was released today to the government. According to sources close to the federal government, the draft report seems to support efforts by Prime Minister John Howard to ban Internet gambling. While the proposed ban is technically feasible, the draft report questions the enforceability of such a ban.

On the other side of the globe, a new bill to prohibit Internet gambling was introduced by California Assemblyman Dario Frommer (D). The bill, AB 1229, would make it illegal for anyone to "operate or bet against any prohibited online gambling game, for money, checks, credit, or any other representative of value."

IGN will bring you the complete stories on both developments tomorrow.