British Board Mulls the Future of Gaming in the U.K.

17 May 2000
Britain's Gambling Review Body is asking for written comments regarding the future of gambling in the U.K. The panel is studying both the current state of the gambling industry and likely developments over the next ten years, and will make recommendations on the nature and extent of regulation for gambling in the U.K.

Comments are invited on various issues ranging from regulation of Internet gaming to the social, psychological and economic costs of gambling, with a deadline of July 21, 2000. Following receipt of written comments, a selection of individuals and organizations will be invited for further written or oral evidence.

The review body, in particular, is seeking answers to the following:

  • What will be the impact of the Internet and new technologies on gambling? Should Internet gambling be regulated and, if so, how?
  • Should there be a unified body to license and regulate gambling? What part should local licensing arrangements play in any revised regulatory structure?
  • Should gambling be regulated?
  • Are there lessons from overseas which are relevant to the review body's work?
  • What impact does experience of gambling overseas have on the expectations of U.K. punters?
  • Are different levels of regulation appropriate for different sorts of gambling?
  • What influence would a relaxation of controls have on criminal infiltration, protection rackets, money laundering or other abuses?
  • Are different age limits appropriate for different sorts of gambling? If a single age limit is appropriate, what should it be?
  • Is gambling socially and economically important?
  • What are the social, psychological and economic costs of gambling? How could they be reduced?
  • What would be the impact of increased accessibility to gambling?
  • Have attitudes changed to gambling as a leisure activity since the legislation of the 1960s? What influence should any such change have on the regulatory structure?

Submissions may be sent either electronically to or by mail to: Gambling Review Body, Room 423, Horseferry House, Dean Ryle Street, London, SW1P 2AW.

The review body also announced the launching of a new website,, that will offer insight into the work of the review, its terms of reference and members, and information on how to submit evidence. Lists of evidence received and visits made by the review body will also be posted on the site.