Btobet discusses the football betting landscape

9 May 2017
(PRESS RELEASE) -- BtoBet's CEO, Kostandina Zafirovska, was recently part of the Supplier CEO panel during the Betting on Football 2017 event in London at Stamford Bridge, organized by SBC News.
"Why football betting is so central" was one of the topics discussed by BtoBet in its recent industry report.
The media exposure, glamour, money and accessibility involved in football has turned it into the most popular sport in the world. It stimulates fans to get involved, and this is particularly evident in the betting realm, where technology and marketing have combined to provide unique wagering opportunities.
BtoBet's vision on the current landscape of betting on football and on what the future holds for operators, suppliers and consumers is explained in the dedicated white paper, featuring topics like:
  • Football popularity and betting opportunity.
  • Where next with sports betting and in-play?
  • Enabling technology, removing barriers to consumer understanding.
  • Far-sighted gaming software provider to avoid risks and conflicts.
To discover more, download the report at Btobet's website.
The leading companies involved in the discussions in London agreed that online and mobile betting are becoming very challenging in the iGaming business and the way technology is playing a key role in the football betting industry.
Commenting on the conference, Kostandina Zafirovska said, "Today's bettors are ever more demanding and are now cross-channel users. The key is to have the right tools available to, first, collect the data, and second, transform the raw stats into actionable information about a player. It means an operator can provide a tailor-made offer and a satisfying gaming experience, regardless of the channel that a player is using to arrive at the product offering. The artificial intelligence plays a central role in this process."