BtoBet expands into Paraguay

24 April 2017
(PRESS RELEASE) -- BtoBet has targeted Latin America as a fast-growing market with an enormous potential for the gaming industry.
Alessandro Fried, BtoBet's chairman, confirmed, "Our recent statistics about the continent show a significant increase of the internet penetration and a very deep involvement of the gaming followers into sports betting and casino gaming market. At the same time, as a considerable number of LatAm areas are regulating their markets, operators are showing a very strong interest in expanding their business in this promising continent."
Following the solid establishment in the Colombian market, BtoBet has decided to expand its business into Paraguay.
Fried highlighted, "We are closing important agreements with international operators, employing BtoBet's platform to develop their business in Latin America. In fact, thanks to BtoBet's omni-channel, multi-jurisdiction and multi-currency iGaming platform and clever Sportsbook software, they can have the technology, the security and the flexibility needed to face the market in these areas."
ENFIELD group, a solid licensed gaming company based in Paraguay, operating offline and online gaming activities in the territory under the local regulating authority Conajzar, has chosen BtoBet as partner to drive its brand, Apostamina.
Gonzalo Enjuto, Enfield's CEO, commenting on his experience in Paraguay, said, "In Paraguay, people are looking for new ways of entertainment. They are football and sports lovers, loyal followers of their favorite teams. Local players are well informed about the most important international leagues and events. Paraguay is currently home to various local gaming operators feeding the gamblers' demands and, like other countries in Latin America, presents a very hard challenge for licensees — to grasp what people prefer. It took a great deal of work by my team to study the market and set the right strategic business action in the country."
Nicolas Enjamio Apostamina's COO added, "After months of deep analysis, evaluating at least 10 different betting platforms, we opted for BtoBet's futuristic software, which offers farsighted features, projected into the future. When a technology company looks into this type of venture online, it is important to be able to see how the platform provider sees the future of eCommerce and the internet. BtoBet is the perfect technological partner for us, providing high-level and easy-to-use solutions and a responsive supporting team to help operators when needed."
Alessandro Fried congratulated Enjuto and Enjamio on the success of Apostamina in Paraguay. He said, "We are very proud to have been chosen by Enfield Group as a partner in Paraguay. I firmly believe that their expansion plans will be totally fulfilled by our technology, which provides the company with the greatest insight into players' data and behavior. Additionally, the possibility to suggest to players what they most like — through the Artificial Intelligence engine — will definitely increment customer's loyalty to the brand and our partner's business success."
BtoBet will be at FADJA gaming show, on 26-27 April at stand No. 49.