BtoBet shortlisted in Global Gaming Awards, CEEGC Budapest

10 August 2017
(PRESS RELEASE) -- BtoBet has been shortlisted in the Global Gaming Awards and CEEGC Budapest 2017. As the consumer becomes more and more tech-savvy, gambling must keep up. Artificial intelligence is becoming a huge asset.
Experts in technology and marketing confirm that the key role of an effective iGaming platform is to provide operators with data analytics, automation and personalized offers, while creating meaningful experiences for users that drive them to play.
BtoBet is proud to see that its technology is being recognized for its ability to allow operators to anticipate a player's needs and to increase player lifetime values. How? By being a trusted technology partner, providing operators with advanced tools to analyze players' preferences and data. Through its sophisticated software, BtoBet is allowing licensees to drive unprecedented tactics of retention for the ever-evolving tech-users, with infinite personalized marketing campaigns, boosting players' confidence.
BtoBet's achievement comes from being a pioneer in new technologies for the gambling industry and continues by constant analysis and research to understand deeply the requirements of the market, anticipating the operator's needs. The company's unconventional vision, allied with a willingness to test fresh and innovative concepts, sets a new point of view of the customer, from a 2-D to a 3-D vision. In multiple sources of data, BtoBet's cutting-edge platform, based on Artificial Intelligence, combines its technological capacity to reconcile data emanating from different devices. It enables an increasingly rich view of the players, moving from today's still largely two-dimensional view to one that is more fully formed and contextually relevant.
Alessandro Fried, BtoBet's chairman, highlighted, "In the gambling market, there are different companies using products based on Artificial Intelligence, but what differentiates BtoBet from the others is the deep experience in the subject and the fact of being a B2B provider and not a B2C operator that just opted to work in the B2B space. We are very proud to consider ourselves as technology partners, supporting our clients in their day by day evolution in the best way possible, and not as just a software provider for the gambling industry."
This leading company is staying ahead in the gambling industry thanks to its development team – always skillfully developing and maintaining the technological software and the learning algorithms to the very highest standard. Commenting on the success of the company, Fried concluded, "To reach this aim, BtoBet's IT team has worked on its advanced platform to enable the system to evolve while staying focused on the future development of the software."