BtoBet sums up successful showing at Georgia Gaming Congress

3 March 2017
(PRESS RELEASE) -- During the Georgia Gaming Congress in Tbilisi, the multinational iGaming software provider BtoBet met online and land-based sports betting and casino operators wishing to use an advanced, modern and technological platform to develop their business, and speed up revenues and operations in the evolving Eastern European regulatory framework.
In the new regulated markets expanding in Eastern Europe, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania, operators need the innovative and clever omni-channel platform with multi-currency and multi-jurisdiction characteristics, to administer their business seamlessly, land-based, online and mobile. In a farsighted perspective, operators of these countries have to be quick and grasp the opportunity offered by the next-generation technology to run the evolution of physical bet-shops into intelligent shops via a single channel, integrating web and physical stores by giving the opportunity to better understand players.
BtoBet's CEO, Kostandina Zafirovska, said, "Attendees had the possibility to discover BtoBet's next-level sportsbook and casino solutions, based on artificial intelligence that benefits from the offers of the main leading supplier of sports betting content and thousands of different games for casino players. The ultimate trading and risk management feature of the company's solution, which is also geo-customizable, allows operators worldwide to minimise potential risks, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety."
Commenting on the transformation of player expectations and new perspectives to attract and retain East European players and bettors, Kostandina added, "AR is appealing to a greater number of customers combining entertainment and technology for seamless marketing strategies. The AR through the mobile app allows operators to open a direct and interactive communication with players, providing ultimate and peerless services (compared to retail) driving offers according to player's interests, creating attractive rewards and interactive communication experiences. For example, a virtual avatar can replace the static communication via SMS and email in a more emotional and advanced way. Bonus Hunting, apart from the one-to-one bonus delivery in augmented reality, becomes a powerful unconventional marketing tool to promote the brand and push street players to play mobile and land-based. Odds comparison in AR can become an innovative instrument instead of expensive traditional media campaigns."
After Georgia Gaming Congress, BtoBet will showcase its AI iGaming and sportsbook omni-channel platform at Enada Primavera and VIGE, in Rimini (15-17 March) and Vienna (20-22 March).