BtoBet to attend Peru Gaming Show 2017

15 June 2017
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Despite the fact that the Peru gaming market is principally land-based, the growth in mobile users and the evolution of mobile devices is making the area very attractive for the mobile business.
During the last few years, the Peruvian gambling industry has become regulated, and after recent legislation that made online wagering possible, it is rapidly catching up. Peru is also showing a growing number of mobile users - 60% of the population in 2012, 66% in 2017, 70% expected by 2020, mainly smartphones – and is recording a strong propensity for mobile shopping and mobile payments among the population.
This trend is a robust signal of the big potential of Mobile for the Peruvian gambling industry.
To discover more, download the industry report from BtoBet.
BtoBet is going to participate to Peru Gaming Show on 21-22 June, in Lima to give live demo to all local operators, showing how its advanced technology can support them to improve their retail business and help their move towards mobile with its latest software engines and mobile apps.
Alessandro Fried, founder and chairman of BtoBet stated, "Mobile gaming and betting is becoming a crucial reality for Peruvian and other South American countries adopting a regulation. The improvements of mobile infrastructure in Peru, the promising signs concerning the growing potential of mobile gaming and betting in the Latin American continent, together with the increasing interest showed by Peruvians for football and sports in general, are clearly indicating to land-based retailers their next move from shop to mobile and online."
Fried added, "BtoBet's multi-jurisdiction platform is compliant with the local requirements and can completely support Peruvian operators with their operations. Additionally, licensees in Lima will see how to manage quick and safe transactions through our multi-currency platform, which permits all local payment methods."
Licensees in Peru will have the possibility to book their personalized demo with our expert in Lima, contacting or calling +356 27135794.