BtoBet's Fried takes center stage at AI Malta Summit

16 July 2018
(PRESS RELEASE) -- BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried attended the AI Malta Summit where, together with a panel of leading experts from the iGaming industry, he discussed the various benefits and applications of artificial intelligence in the industry.
The panel discussed the importance of this disruptive form of technology at an industry level, with Fried giving his insight on how fundamental a role AI can have in all stages of the iGaming industry, from acquisition to retention and reactivation of players, and how AI can be an asset when it comes to the operator’s daily activities while also safeguarding the players’ interests.
Fried also gave his insight on the various challenges that see the industry still lagging behind other sectors. He opined that this is primarily due to the reluctant approach from the major operators to change their mentality and truly endorse Artificial Intelligence at the core of their business not only for their own benefit, but essentially for a better player experience.
BtoBet has recently published an Industry Report focusing on the various aspects of AI’s application in iGaming. The report analyses the various ways in which AI can prove to be fundamental for the industry, namely through:
• Personalization through data acquisition and analytics;
• AI as the core tool for an optimal Omnichannel;
• AI in the prevention of gambling addiction; and
• AI in risk management.
Download the report and book a meeting with our team of experts to have a demonstration on how BtoBet’s technologies can suite your requirements and assist your growth.