BtoBet's World Cup checklist

29 May 2018
(PRESS RELEASE) -- With less than three weeks for the World Cup to unleash a true and proper football bonanza, bookmakers have been preparing and gearing up their operations to seize the opportunity that this greatest sporting show presents.
Apart from the potential increase in revenue, that as indicated by BtoBet’s Director of Sports Department Davide Ruggeri, could increment by 200%, the World Cup presents operators with a perfect scenario for player acquisition and more importantly retention.
First and foremost, from an infrastructural and technological point of view during the weeks that will characterize an inundation of bets taking place, the priority for each and every bookmaker is zero down-time. Such an unfortunate scenario will not only dent the brand’s image, but serve players with a reason to jump ship from one bookmaker to another. Therefore, with this in mind aspects such as volume, coverage, and even the acquisition and retention strategies themselves should be at the very top of the check-list.
Is this enough? No. Content is what eventually will grab the players’ attentions and what will in turn instill an element of loyalty with players returning to place more than one bet. On this whole concept Ruggeri stated, “The goal is to galvanize the attention of the players on the main aspects related to the World Cup, and not essentially related to a specific circumstance.” He further stated that operators should consider content diversity as “the first step to avoid the usual high churn rate that sees players moving away from betting over the World Cup period”.
Ruggeri also stressed the importance of offering tailored offers with the goal to inspire a positive experience from their side.