Bunny Bingo launches three new games

28 May 2009

MONTREAL, Quebec -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Premier bingo site, BunnyBingo.com has launched three new games that its affiliate can promote. Through these games, Bunny Bingo affiliates will be able to target a wider base of players. Affiliates promoting BunnyBingo.com will also enjoy advanced reporting and support from the Income Access affiliate software.

The Bunny Bingo affiliate program, offers three lucrative commission structures: 30% revenue share; £30 CPA for each new player who deposits at least £10; or a hybrid of 20% revenue share and £20 CPA for each new player who deposits at least £10. Affiliates can also be assured by no negative roll-over and a 5% one-tier affiliate referral.

The three new games offered by BunnyBingo.com feature both blackjack and slot machine games. Bunny Bingo's blackjack has already proven extremely popular with both new and existing players. Hands can be staked as low as 10p and as high as £500. Normal blackjack rules apply, a winning hand returns the stake, and a blackjack win pays 3:2.

A new progressive slot machine, Mafia Millions allows players to select up to 20 lines of play, and players can stake as low as 5p per line or as much as £2 per line The jackpot currently stands at £35,000, and matching certain icons can earn players up to £5k in additional prize money.

Fruit & Veg is also a new slot machine game from BunnyBingo.com, offering players a chance to win up to £10,000. Players can stake from as little as 10p, with a potential minimum win of 20p, or stake as much as £20 with the chance to win the full £10K. Fruit & Veg also features an option of 'hold/nudge' to give players more chances to win.

"All these new games represent a great, new promotional opportunity for bingo affiliates," said Nicky Senyard, CEO of Income Access. "They are fun and fast-paced, which is perfect for the target demographic. And backed by our affiliate tracking and dedicated support, Bunny Bingo affiliates should be able to refer many new players to these games."

Powered by the Income Access affiliate software, the BunnyBingo.com affiliate program provides affiliates with a comprehensive variety of advanced tracking reports. These features offer affiliates the information required to optimize their online marketing efforts. The dedicated affiliate support team and the advanced marketing tools also enable affiliates to maximize their earning potential.

"We really enjoy getting new games onto the site, and our players love them all too. There's always a buzz when they go live, and users can't help but try them out," said Alex Pollock, Online Marketing Manager of BunnyBingo.com. "This also allows our strong group of affiliates to push their promotions further for BunnyBingo.com, and working alongside the team at Income Access, we always try and ensure our affiliates get the most out of the programme too."