California online poker bill proposed by Mike Gatto

3 December 2014
Casino City Staff
CALIFORNIA -- Assemblyman Mike Gatto has proposed a State Assembly Bill Number 9, which if approved would see internet poker legalized in the state.
State Assembly Bill Number 9 named "Internet Poker Consumer Protection Act of 2015" was introduced on December 1, 2014.
The bill would "establish a framework to authorize intrastate Internet poker... authorize eligible entities to apply to the commission for a 10-year non transferable license to operate an intrastate Internet poker Web site offering the play of authorized Internet poker games to registered players within California..."
Eligible entities would have to apply to renew their licenses every ten years and the legislation would only cover online poker and would not extend to other casino games at this time.
On his website, Assemblyman Gatto wrote of his bill “California could receive significant revenue for merely regulating and legitimizing an industry that Californians already participate in but send their dollars overseas.”