Calvin Ayre weighs in on future of gambling industry

7 June 2021
The online gambling industry has seen an immense surge during the past year as the COVID-19 outbreak has prompted the closure and restrictions on casinos and other gambling sites. With this increase in demand comes a need to innovate in order to provide next-generation products and services, as well as keep up with the big data being generated by related businesses. Calvin Ayre, iGaming pioneer and founder of blockchain conglomerate CoinGeek and Ayre Group, weighs in on the future of the online gambling industry in the pilot episode of “Hashing It Out” with Becky Liggero.
“My prediction is everything exciting that’s going to happen in the next 10 years in online gaming—other than the games themselves—but everything else, in the running of business, the operating of the business, the payments of the business… that’s all going to be done on the blockchain,” Ayre said.
The past few years have been monumental for Ayre as he immersed himself in the study of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, and how they can be used to improve the online gambling industry. It was so enlightening that Ayre has shut down in order to focus on online gambling on blockchain.
“I didn’t invent online gambling, but I saw its potential early enough to help shape the industry in ways that allowed it to emerge from the shadows into the mainstream. My support for Dr. [Craig] Wright’s vision is intended to realize a similar Cambrian explosion of innovation that will leave this world a better place than I found it,” Ayre stated in the official announcement of the closure of his website.
Ayre is pertaining to the original Bitcoin designed by creator Satoshi Nakamotot, known in the real world as Dr. Craig Wright. Bitcoin SV (BSV), with SV standing for Satoshi Vision, has restored the original Bitcoin protocol and has realized the vision of Dr. Wright for a Bitcoin that is continuously scaled in order to accommodate big data and have the capability to offer low-cost microtransactions. The BSV blockchain is currently the only one in production that can scale to handle the needs of the online gambling industry.
“My fundamental prediction is with all these, looking back in hindsight at this whole kerfuffle over what’s the real Bitcoin, what’s best and all that, it’s all going to look stupid because scaling is the only thing that matters. It’s not only important, it’s the only thing important. All of them that can’t scale will disappear, and this platform is going to penetrate everything and everywhere, and it’s going to disappear. Ten years from now, everybody’s going to be using it and nobody’s going to even know what it is,” Ayre explained.
There are still a lot of people who are misinformed about the original Bitcoin and what it offers. Other digital currencies and blockchain providers create smear campaigns against BSV because once it is recognized by most as the groundbreaking technology it really is, others would become obsolete. Online gambling on blockchain is the perfect combination that even a billionaire like Ayre has staked his money and reputation on. This is one testament that is hard to ignore.
“Everybody that says blockchains don’t work hasn’t checked out what BSV can do. This technology is actually ready for enterprise adoption today. We’re building real businesses that use the data management powers and we’re solving real enterprise problems or companies that aren’t even in this industry that have a data problem that this technology is uniquely able to solve,” Ayre said.