Can Starnet Get Any Respect?

18 August 1999
Amid a tumultuous legal scrap with a former licensee, Starnet Communications has surfaced with another celebrity gem. The company announced today that its licensee and strategic partner, Net-Force Systems Inc., has entered into an agreement with comedian Rodney Dangerfield.

Through its subsidiary, Net-Force Entertainment Inc., Net-Force has sublicensed Starnet's gaming software to Rodney Dangerfield In., bringing Starnet's Softec casino games to

Dangerfield, who's comedic hit films include Caddyshack, Easy Money and Back to School, has maintained a presence on the Web since '95 when his state-of-the-art site,, won numerous awards and distinctions.

For Starnet, it's another opportunity to break through to mainstream audiences in North America, and this time on network television. Dangerfield will appear on NBC's "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno tonight and plans to discuss his new casino and sportsbook.

The contract also leaves Net-Force with a golden opportunity to establish a solid presence in the industry. "Our company is truly honored and excited to be associated with a celebrity of the status and presence of Mr. Rodney Dangerfield, along with Softec Systems, the finest suite of Internet gaming software products available," said a delighted Terry Bowering, managing director of Net-Force Systems Inc. and a resident of Antigua.

Net-Force Entertainment Inc. is an International Business Corporation with corporate offices based on the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua, West Indies. A soon to be publicly traded company, Net-Force Systems Inc.'s corporate mission is to seek out and target rapidly growing niche market e-commerce opportunities, while operating in 'tax-advantaged' jurisdictions. Net-Force Entertainment Inc. plans to legally operate and aggressively market multiple integrated Internet gaming sites with its sights on becoming the predominant Internet Gaming operator in the world.

Starnet is an Internet software, technology and service company, which commercializes online applications for established markets. For more information, visit