Canadian Gaming Publishes Gambling Impact Study

9 April 2008

With the publication of a comprehensive gambling impact study this week, the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) calls itself "the country's largest and most economically significant entertainment industry."

CGA's research shows that 135,000 Canadians are directly employed in the gaming industry. The number swells to more than 267,000 if the indirect and induced impacts of economic activity are considered. In 2006 this translated to more than $11.6 billion in labor income.

"The breadth and depth of the industry is significant," said the study’s author Robert Scarpelli, Managing Director of HLT Advisory Inc. "We've always known that employment in gaming operations was robust, but the total impact of the industry surprised us. After validating the results with the Statistics Canada’s Input-Output Model, we now, for the first time, have a picture of the industry's full impact right across the country."

According to the study: ·

-The gaming industry contributes $15.3 billion to the economy directly, with most of this revenue ($8.7 billion or 57 per cent) going to support government programs and services, as well as to charities. $6.6 billion (43 per cent) was spent to sustain operations, paid out as salaries, and used to purchase goods and services. ·

-The industry’s investment in current capital construction is approaching $10 billion, with the largest portion of that investment (49 per cent) occurring in Ontario. ·

-From the perspective of the hospitality sector, gaming is just behind full-service restaurants (at $17.2 billion) and on par with limited-service restaurants (at $15.4 billion) in terms of economic contribution. Gambling also places ahead of accommodation services (at $14.3 billion) and air travel (at $11.9 billion) with Canada’s two major airlines. ·

-The industry generates approximately $721 million in non-gaming revenue, such as food, beverage and entertainment.