Canadian MP Will Propose Sports Betting Legislation in Fal

30 July 2008

Joe Comartin, a Canadian MP who plans to introduce legislation that would legalize sports betting in Canadian casinos, has said he would be happy if his legislation were to keep the U.S.-based National Football League away from the country.

"I'm on that side that's opposed to having the NFL in Cadada," Comartin told the Globe and Mail. "I think it would be the death knell of the CFL and I'm strongly in favour of keeping the NFL out. The eight teams we've got now across the country have a more substantial value, economically and culturally, than one or two or three NFL teams would have."

Comartin says he will introduce his private member's bill when the House of Commons resumes sitting this fall. The goal of the legislation is to provide Canadian casinos with a competitive advantage over casinos across the border in the U.S.