'Casinos of the World' Opens For Online Gaming

23 April 1998

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- WinStreak, the Internet gaming division of Internet Global Network Inc. (VSE:IGN), has officially opened "Casinos of the World," its on-line casino.

Casinos of the World is now offering players the opportunity to wager online and try their luck at popular casino games such as slots, video poker, blackjack and keno. Casino visitors have a daily chance to win a $1 million grand prize in addition to participating in actual progressive jackpots. Players can now open cash accounts and securely place wagers by using their credit cards.

WinStreak is launching a full marketing campaign for Casinos of the World geared towards increasing web site traffic and capturing market share. The free online casino software is available by ordering a free CD ROM or by downloading at the Casino's World Wide Web site: www.casinosoftheworld.com.

While playing the on-line casino games, visitors will have the ability to view IGN's electronic broadcast area which delivers and displays advertising and casino messages. Financial processing of on-line credit card transactions will be securely conducted by INTERFI (www.interfi.com), another IGN operating subsidiary.

Casinos of the World is a division of WinStreak (www.winstreak.com), IGN's online gaming and sports contests subsidiary. WinStreak is licensed by the government of St. Kitts to legally conduct gaming and wagering activities over the Internet. IGN Internet Global Network Inc. is developing a variety of entertainment, advertising, shopping, financial and broadcasting service "channels" on the World Wide Web to take full advantage of providing Internet services and capitalizing on their commercial applications.