Casinos Use Environmentally Friendly Surface Protector

17 June 2008

Austria-based MRM Nanoline, a relatively new company that specializes in environmentally friendly surface protectors, has gained several clients in the casino industry. The company's product is biodegradable and contains no teflon, polymers, acrylics or fluorocarbons.

MRM Nanoline's surface protector can be applied to table layouts, brass, stainless steel, building exterior, glass, carpet, seating and more.

MGM Grande recently signed a contract to begin using the surface protector, and MRM Nanoline says it expects the rest of the MGM Group to jump on board as well. Other American clients include the Venetian Lamborghini Del Toro, the California Casino, Palms Casino, Main Station Casino and El Cortez Casino, in addition to Groupe Partouche in France and Al Shafar Group in Dubai.