Centrebet Affiliates introduces "High Roller Policy"

19 February 2010

MONTREAL, Quebec -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Centrebet affiliates is pleased to announce a new "High Roller Policy" designed to ensure that sports betting and racing affiliates earn regular commissions, by eliminating the negative impact of big wins on monthly earnings from High Roller players contained in their affiliate account.

The policy is the first of its kind to be implemented on a sports betting program, and stipulates that any player who wins over $1,000 in a month is essentially marked as a High Roller and then separated from an affiliate's commission calculations, until their revenue totals are positive again. Standard High Roller affiliate practices in the past have been to simply remove the High Roller from the affiliate account – however this stops the affiliate from earning further revenue when the High Roller generates positive earnings over the balance of their lifetime of activity.

"We are confident that this new policy has had a huge positive effect for our partners, by having a direct impact on their monthly commission," said Lee-Ann Johnstone, Global Affiliate Manager from Centrebet. "Essentially, this policy supports affiliates by ensuring that negative revenue generated from High Roller sports punters do not detract from positive revenue earned from the affiliate's other players in the same month."

Johnstone is confident that with their extensive player retention policy, they can afford to take the upfront risk inherit in this earnings model, allowing their partners to focus on managing their business and promotional activities, instead of worrying about depleting their potential earnings. Using the Income Access software solution), High Roller players are tracked within the affiliate's existing account. High Roller players are not removed from an affiliate's account, but effectively separated from the balance of an affiliate's portfolio. This is achieved with full data transparency in the affiliate admin area, until their revenue totals are positive again and the player is returned to the affiliate's regular tracking pool. Further payments are then resumed over the lifetime of the player.

"We are constantly impressed by the innovation that Centrebet brings to their affiliate program and the extent to which they work to make it as profitable as possible for affiliates," said Income Access CEO, Nicky Senyard. "This latest addition highlights their commitment to being a global leader in the sports betting affiliate industry, and by using a white label version of our iGaming software they are able to provide complete tracking and transparency—which adds to their credibility and reliability."

Affiliate Guard Dog reviewed Centrebet's terms changes and deemed Centrebet Affiliates as affiliate-friendly, because Centrebet has provided full transparency with their new High Roller policy. "We worked very closely with Andy from Affiliate Guard Dog to come up with the most affiliate-friendly terms possible," said Income Access Affiliate Manager, Louis Deering, who is on the Centrebet support team. "I'm thrilled that we were able to successfully implement this pioneering High Roller policy and I'm confident that affiliates will be very excited both by the difference in their revenue and indeed the program's performance."

The feedback from Centrebet's affiliates has also been overwhelmingly positive. "The High Roller Policy is a unique and much welcomed addition to Centrebet's affiliate program that renews Centrebet's rank as a must for players and affiliates alike," said Pierluigi Buccioli from bookmakersreview.com.