Chartwell Adopts Biometric Technology

5 November 2001
Through an announced partnership with Inroad Solutions Inc., Canada-based Chartwell Technology Inc. today became the first major online gaming software supplier to integrate biometric technology into its platform.

Under the agreement Chartwell will exclusively market Inroad's Aegis Secure Login system. The cornerstone system for Inroad the Aegis Secure Login system uses biometrics to measure the keystroke patterns of users to match them with their usernames and passwords. The double-checking of not only the password and user name info, but how that information is inputted into the system, gives Inroad a nearly fail-proof log-in system.

Chartwell will exclusively license the technology within the online gaming and games playing industries.

Company officials at Chartwell said they'd be able to integrate the Inroad system into their current gaming software applications in addition to including it in all future versions of software.

But the availability won't end there.

According to the agreement Chartwell will be able to market and sell the rebounded Inroad technology as a standalone product to other software suppliers and operators wishing to integrate the login system with their current platform.

The technology extracts a unique biometric pattern from the keystrokes as a means of uniquely identifying individuals over the Internet. Unlike other biometric-based solutions, this keystroke technology doesn't require any specialized hardware.

Chartwell President Darold Parken said the addition of Inroad's login system goes hand in hand with his company's efforts to block minors and problem gamblers.

"This unique biometric identification solution is a perfect complement to the responsible gaming functionality which Chartwell has developed over the past year," he said. "Chartwell's commitment to enabling the gaming industry to protect consumers in regard to commercial and technological racticability, is reflected in this exclusive licensing arrangement."

Anthony Bassett, product development director for Inroad, said the technology enables passwords to be safe even if the information falls in to the wrong hands. If minors or outside individuals somehow get access to a person's user name and password they still have to match his keystroke pattern when entering the information.

He said reaching a partnership with Chartwell makes his firm a viable option in the online gaming business.

"We are immensely gratified to solidify a relationship with an industry leader like Chartwell who has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fair and responsible gaming principles," he said. "We view this agreement as a big step forward towards getting the identification technology into the marketplace to help address the concerns over responsible gaming, and issues regarding underage gaming."