Chinse Province Limits Travel to Macau

29 May 2008

Government authorities in the Chinese province of Guangdong will restrict residents from traveling to Macau more than once per month from June onward.

Residents of Guangdong will be granted travel permits to Macau only one time each month. The change affects business and public sector travel as well as personal travel.

Additionally, Corporations shall face reduced limits on the number of travel permits they can receive. A Macau Daily News report suggests that companies may not be able to receive more than three or five permits for a given trip, whereas they could obtain more than ten in the past.

Authorities have not specified a reason for the policy change, but the easy speculation is that it is an attempt to reduce the social cost of Chinese traveling to Macau, particularly reducing the chances of gambling addiction and slowing the flow of money out of the region.

Macau Daily News warns that mainland China authorities may take further action to curb the growth of Macau's gaming industry in the future.